Jim Grasky is a legend at the Border Patrol. He is one of the founders of BORTAC and a SME (subject matter expert) with regard to horses and tracking. Grasky served his country during the Vietnam War as a Green Beret as well. Jim Grasky is in his late 70’s but he continues to teach SOF units and Border patrol agents on the subject of horses and tracking. You can’t tell Grasky’s age by the way he handles a horse and a firearm. Strong and highly skilled he is able to deliver instruction that is inspiring and direct.

We were lucky enough to be invited to one of his introductory classes and learn the basics with regard to horsemanship and tracking. In the class we were made privy to the tactics used by some elite units who relied on horses to fulfill their mission and the importance of being able to adapt to other cultures who rely on this older form of transportation. Comparisons were drawn between todays warfighter and the Apache Scouts. Most of what we know about tracking began with Indian Scouts. It’s more than following a footprint it’s about understanding the environment and gaining the tactical knowledge needed in solving a crime or chasing down the enemy in his own backyard.

The class opened our minds to the idea of horses as a viable mode of transportation in todays world and the importance of learning valuable tracking skills. With the border being a hot topic in the States, there is a need for Border Patrol agents to have the knowledge base on how to find tracks and digest the wealth of signs to make informed decisions.

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