“Training, equipment and good leadership” are the pillars for Santa Monica Police Chief Cynthia Renaud in which she runs the department. These pillars are the foundation for equipping her officers to handle the duties of modern police work. Chief Renaud understands that she is in the people business and that being a police officer entails handling the jobs and issues that are challenging to everyday citizens. In order to carry the load and tackle the burden she fully believes in exploring new technology and equipment that help the police officer achieve success.

Besides investing in technology to better serve the community and the 250,000 daily visitors, Chief Renaud believes in empowering her staff and collaborating with other city departments that serve the community. Training, collaboration and empowerment. This approach in embracing new technology while harnessing the power of strong community relationships will be key in police work for the 21st Century. Chief Cynthia Renuad represents modern police leadership and her outlook on merging people, community and technology are setting the benchmark for global law enforcement agencies.