How to Find The Best Gun Range Bag for Every Mission

Whether you frequent the shooting range often or just starting out in a new and exciting hobby, one of the most important, but often overlooked pieces of gear is the range bag. A good bag will easily hold all of your must-have shooting accessories and firearms when you visit the range.

So what should you look for in a gun range bag, and how do you know which one is right for you? Keep reading as we talk about the key features to consider in the best range bags.

How to Choose the Right Range Bag for You

 As you begin looking at range bags, it’s a good idea to take a few minutes and think about your needs and wants and organize that into a list so that you have an idea of exactly what you’re looking for. Consider how often you typically visit the range, how many and what type of firearms you use, and how much equipment and ammunition you want to carry. This will allow you to make a wise long-term investment.

Your shooting range equipment and accessories will always include the essentials like firearms, ammunition and eye and ear protection to specialty items like spotting scopes, rangefinders and wind meters. Knowing what you typically take to the shooting range will help you decide how many extra pockets and you need. Rather than just throwing everything into a bag, you can stay neat and organized by having separate interior and exterior pockets and dividers for your equipment.

If you’re an avid shooter who frequently visits the range, you know you need a bag that’s extremely durable. You want a bag that can be tossed into and out of your vehicle, dragged around, take a bit of a beating, and still perform well. Heavy-duty, all-weather nylons with reinforced handles and double stitching make a great choice.

5.11 Gun Range Bag for Different Needs

Range Qualifier™ Bag 18L

The Range Qualifier™ bag provides everything you need in a simple, easy-to-use option. It’s constructed of durable 600D nylon and offers a nice range of pockets to store pistols, ammo and eight mags, while the padded shoulder strap makes it easy to carry.

Range Master Duffel Set 47L

Our Range Master Duffel Set offers multiple ways to organize all of your equipment, including your pistols, ammo, mags and anything else you need. It’s just the right size to easily store all of your equipment without being too heavy or tough to lug around. It includes Range Master pouches for ammo and a separate lockable Single Pistol Pouch for secure transport.

Single Pistol Case

The Single Pistol Case is a simple way to store your pistol and magazines for those quick, impromptu trips to the shooting range. It’s made of all-weather 1050D nylon so it doesn’t sacrifice durability or ruggedness, while the lockable YKK® zippers provide extra safety and security.

36” Shock Rifle Case 21L

This soft case can hold one 36” rifle and features a fully padded polyester interior along with integrated rifle retention straps. The frame is highly mobile, while still providing ultimate protection and ease of transport for your rifle. It also features convenient locking main compartment zippers for smaller items.

What do 5.11 Fans Keep in their Range Bags?

In the spirit of sharing wisdom for new gun owners, we asked our followers on Twitter to name items, aside from the obvious ones, that they keep in their range bags. Here’s a selection of some of our favorites.

  1. Medical Supplies (TQ, Bandages, IFAK, Wound Packing)
  2. Batteries for Optics
  3. Basic Cleaning Supplies (lubricant, boresnake, brushes)
  4. Multitool
  5. Sharpie/Pens for Marking up Targets

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