Once again, that time-honored American tradition that takes place each fall is upon us – Thanksgiving. The whole family is gathered together to celebrate. Grandma has just downed her fourth gin and tonic. Uncle Pete is regaling the youngsters of stories from his high school football glory years. Mom and Dad want to know when they can expect grandchildren. And you? You’re being called upon for the highest of honors, to carve up that juicy, succulent turkey.
Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be nervous about (even though all eyes are on you and eager to help). With the right tools in your go-bag and a few simple steps, you’ll have that bird expertly carved into a masterpiece in no time. Let’s get to work!

What You’ll Need to Carve the Turkey

First, there are the obvious items. You’ll need a sharp knife, preferably a chef’s knife, as well as a carving board and a platter for the meat. A boning knife will come in handy, too.
But if you really want to take this year’s Thanksgiving to another kick-ass level, you’ll want more. As you watch the video on how to carve a turkey, notice how the carver pulls out the proper knife and tools from his operator belt for maximum badassness. Yes, that’s a word.

How to Properly Carve a Turkey – Step-by-Step

  1. Ready to slice and dice this bird up? Let’s do it. The technique is simple.
  2. Place the turkey on your carving board.
  3. Start on one side and slice through the thigh.
  4. Separate the joint.
  5. Remove the breast.
  6. Slice the breast into pieces and transfer to your platter.
  7. Remove the wings and place on the platter.
  8. Repeat for the other side of the turkey.
  9. Take a moment to admire your work, serve and feast! (Don’t forget that celebratory cold one)

That’s the best way to carve a turkey. Simple as that. Just don’t forget to save room for pie. And remember to shop our Everyday Carry essentials, like the aforementioned operator belt, apron and more items to help you “AlwaysBeReady.”