With the Outbreak of COVID-19, many of us find ourselves social distancing to do our part in halting the spread of a novel disease to our corner of the world. For most of us, that means limiting our physical social interactions AKA staying home as much as possible and going outside only for the essentials like exercise, food, or medical needs.

Naturally, not all of us are easily adjusting to this indoor lifestyle, but in the spirit of always being ready, we’ve prepared 10 helpful tips to help you stave off cabin fever until this global pandemic inevitably ends.

1. Take Inventory

Whether you’re counting your toilet paper, beans, or bullets, now is a damn good time to take stock of the essentials. This applies to any situation: it’s ALWAYS better to know ahead of time how much you have versus how much you need than to find yourself unpleasantly surprised at the end of your last roll of toilet paper! Do you have enough Toilet Paper to make it until the panic buying dust settles? How about enough ammo to last you until the shops are back in stock? Take a moment to take stock of what you have and know exactly where you stand before your next grocery run!

2. Get Organized

Does your range bag, gun safe, or survival pantry spark joy? Chances are there’s something in your home that could use a good reorganization Take this down time to label your gear or rearrange the gun safe. Are your guns themselves all clean? Oh, really? Will they pass the white glove test? Can any use a tune up or parts change? Why not invest in some labels for your range bag so you next time you won’t have to dig for 5 minutes to find your hearing protection? If you’re working from home, is your home office working for or against you? We bet when you really look, there are more than a few organizational chores that could and most definitely should be attended to!

3. Stay on Social Media

Memes stimulate the mind (some more than others). We may be stuck indoors – but we still have the internet! Pass the time the in the same way billions of us did pre-pandemic and share useful information or humor, get suggestions for Netflix watching or new music from your friends or loved ones (or make new friends through your shared Netflix/music interests!), and keep an eye on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. We like passing the time by giving away free gear!

4. Get Connected

Reach out to your friends or loved ones as often as you can – it will lift their spirits and yours too! If you’re distancing with company – reach out to those who aren’t so lucky at least once a day if you can. If you’re distancing alone, you can always text, call, video chat those in your social circle to stay connected. We may all be in different homes, but we’re definitely all in the same boat! Why not connect with your neighbors on Nextdoor to share info or organize resource watch groups? 2, 3, or 10 sets of eyes watching for products to come back in stock are better than 1 and they’ll still be your neighbors when the pandemic ends. Be a leader and a force multiplier!

5. Get in Shape

If one of your excuses for not getting in shape has been not having enough time, you’re in luck! Don’t have workout equipment at home? Remember that thousands of military recruits graduate basic training (many in the best shape of their lives) often without touching a single weight. Now drop and give us twenty! Pushups, pullups, dips, burpees, squats, we could go on and on. Not sure where to start? We’ll be posting indoor-safe workout pointers every Wednesday 💪

6. Take up a New Hobby

You know that one thing you would love to learn if you had the time? Start there! We live in an age where everything from a musical instrument to a compound bow can be bought online and shipped right to your door AND the means to learn virtually any new skill is completely free and available on YouTube. Why not use this momentary break in the action to learn something new or get better at something you already love? When the pandemic ends, how long do you think it will be before you have this amount of free time?

7. Home/Home Office Improvement

Many of us are fortunate enough to be able to work from home during this pandemic. If you’re hunched over a tiny laptop screen at your kitchen table for 8 hours a day, now might be a good time to reassess and upgrade your home office. A better work environment will help you to be more productive and comfortable during your work away from work. Invest in a decent office chair or convertible standing desk. Your back and neck will thank you! But why stop at the home office? There are probably dozens of home improvement projects you’ll have the time to tackle and at the time of writing, Home Depot is still open!

8. Start Gaming

If you’re not a gamer, you’ve probably been curious how some people could sink hours and hours of their lives into video/board games. Now that you’re staying indoors, why not see for yourself what all the fuss is about? Current generation gaming consoles (PS4, XBOX One, & Nintendo Switch – currently sold out almost everywhere!) can be had for a steal and table-top games are an amazon order away! Board games are a great way for families to play together whereas video games can be a good choice for pairs or those distancing solo. Ask around online for recommendations and join in the fun!

9. Read an Actual Book

When was the last time you read a book for fun (not counting audio books on the way to work)?  Probably the last time you had free time all those ages ago! There is no shortage of great books out there’s always more you can learn. Take this time to get lost in a great story or brush up on your bush craft survival skills. A current 5.11 favorite is Clint Emerson’s 100 Deadly Skills and we could practically open a library of tactical literature, but we’d be happy to recommend non-tactical reads too!

10. Stay Informed

Watch and read to stay up to speed but take your news in moderation! Side effects main include dizziness, anxiety, or panic buying. If you’re having trouble separating from the news, try deleting the news apps off  your phone. With the 24-hour news cycle, you’re not likely to miss any huge events by not being glued to your TV or news app – but you also don’t want to be the last to learn when it’s safe to go outside again!

There you have it, 10 tips to stay health, active, and sane while self-quarantined! We all have a part to play in minimizing the damage of Coronavirus and we hope that this guide will be helpful to those of you whose job it is to ensure that this modern plague doesn’t continue to spread out of control. Hang tough, and always be ready!